Hello I just started programming about a month or so ago. I am doing a program that will produce "random" numbers. I am confused on how I need to do this. I have written some code that will follow(some of the variables declared aren't being used I was just experimenting). Any help to guide me in the right direction is appreciated. The problem states: Using the power residue method,

a) Create a function randnum() that accepts a floating point "seed" as a parameter and returns a floating-point random number between 0 and 1.e6.

b) Incorporate the randnum() function created in 7a into a working program that produces 10 random numbers between 0 and 1.e6.

#include<iostream> #include<cmath> #include<ctime> using namespace std;
float randnumber();
int main() { float seed; char do_again = 'y';
cout<<"This program will produce 10 random numbers given a seed\n"<<endl;
cout<<"Would you like to receive another set of random number? Y or N?\n"<<endl; cin>>do_again; while (do_again == 'y') { randnumber(); }
system("pause"); return 0;
float randnumber() { float seed; float seed1; char prompt= 'y';
while (prompt == 'y') { cout<<"Please enter an odd six-digit integer that is non-divisible by two or five...\n"<<endl; cin>>seed; seed = seed * 997; seed = seed/1000000; seed1 = seed * 1000000; seed = seed - seed1; return seed; } }