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Which files are you talking about? mpi.h includes four headers: stdio.h, iobuf.h, types.h and memory.h The first three are part of the standard library. So I thought you might have meant memory.h, but it doesn't include anything else.
Also what OS are you using, and what exactly are all the errors you get?
1st , thanks for your reply
Im using Ubuntu .
about the headers, i had stdio.h but didnt have iobuf.h or types.h .
the problem y had was that when 1 of the headers was missing (ex. iobuf.h) then i downloaded it , but it uses more files that i dont have (i think they where config.h and/or maps.h and something else) so, then when i added those files i found that they use headers that (surprisingly) i dont have either .
Im using gcc for compiling and the errors i get is that iobuf.h doesnt exist, then i get that types.h doesnt exist, etc, etc.
i made a search for the files and they really arent anywhere , its not just that the path is wrong.
thanks again.