Please use code blocks when posting code. It preserves formatting and uses a monospaced font, thus making code easier to read. You did before so I'm not clear why you didn't this time.

From what I've seen of what you've posted (in code blocks, I didn't bother looking at the code that wasn't), I couldn't see any glaringly obvious mistakes.

But the only way I can know if the code is correct is by building and running it. However, I can't do that as I only have partial code. But you can, because you have the complete code.
So I suggest you should answer your own question by building and running the code. If it does what you expect, then yes the flow is correct. If the flow is wrong then the program won't do what you are expecting.

Sorry if this seems unhelpful but it's really difficult to read someone else's code and work out what their intent was from the code itself, particularly if they're a beginner. The best way to check if the code works is to run it. The only way I can check the code works is by running it myself, but (a) you need to provide complete code so that I can do that, and (b) why should I do it when you are perfectly capable of doing it?

Once you've built and run the code (or just attempted to build it if there were errors), cut the code down to the bare minimum, so for example just do the linked list stuff and keep the rest to a minimum, post the complete (stripped down) code, state precisely and in full detail what the problem is (so not "it doesn't work"), then I stand a chance of working out what might be wrong.