Hello and thank you for looking at my post!

I'm a newbie and was wondering if I understand how PR works and was hoping I could run down what I think and someone could tell me if it makes any sense please?

Let's say I create a new site today and a PR6 site links to it and nowhere else. I think that would impart a value of (approximately) 93,000 and make the new site a PR4 as soon as the next Google update.

Now if on the first page of this new PR4 site (with 3,000 in power), I linked to an internal page, that internal page would become a PR3 (with 555).

And if I used that PR3 page to externally link out to 5 sites, each of those could be PR2s.

And doing this does not detract from the value of the pages that have the links, other than to reduce the amount of power they have to impart to other sites.

Am I understanding this correctly? A site has a certain PR that it gets from backlinks and you can split it up internally and externally as I detailed above?

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