Hi All,

Iím kind of confused here. I have a ecommerce website, say .Example.co.uk (targeting for UK visitors) and it has PR 6 at the moment.
I really wonderd why I am not getting any good search ranking for my site. My site has a good number of quality back links and my competitor site has lesser back links, but still they are getting good search ranking and why not me, they also have a PR 6.
Is it related to something difference for SEO for international website? Should I need to do anything specific to target UK customers?
OR my product page has more no. of back links than my home page. Is this an issue, Will it make any difference?
Even Though I have PR 6 and good quality backlines why my site is not having a rank in google.co.uk search? But my competitorís site PR 6 and lesser back links than my site, but they rank on 1st page of Google search.

Any SEO Experts can give a valuable info???
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance