Yes I know how to do port forwarding, I use ssh and vnc on a daily bases. Lets just get that straight.
So I set up a hack box for myself running server 2003, no service packs and no firewall. I NMap it from another computer on the lan I'm planning on using msrpc exploit. So I assure my self port 135 is open by nmaping the computer.
nmap -p135 -sS -P0
135/tcp open msrpc
I'm setting up a perfect network and unrealistic one lol but perfect. So I forward port 135 on my router UDP and TCP. Yet when I run nmap from my work computer I get.
nmap -p135 -sS -P0 24.151.115.x
135/tcp filtered msrpc
Does anyone have any ideas? I rebooted the router also just to be on the safe side lol.