Political Web Startup Building Core Team

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I am recruiting a core team of programmers for a web startup in the political arena. The basic idea is a measurement system for the impact the internet has on politics.

I am looking for the following requirements:
-Be located in NYC or Washington DC
-Be a rockstar coder. Ajax interfaces, social features, databasing, and data analysis will be required to make this work. Make sure you are up to the challenge.

Funding has not yet been secured for this project. I am in the process of building the core team that is interested in making this happen before we approach VC's. By responding, you are saying you are interested in being part of that core team that will approach VCs.

If this sounds like something your interested in, please e-mail me at 2.0jobs@gmail.com. Don’t respond on this thread. Thanks, looking forward to talking to you.
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still there are openings