#define UINT16 short int //Just define whatever you want 
typedef union
         unsigned bs:1;
         unsigned bc:1;
         unsigned ba:1;
         unsigned ac:1;
    short int all; // you cannt put int with short

typedef struct
   DI_Bits   bits;
   UINT16 alm_timer;//define it
   UINT16 delay_time;
   UINT16 sim_delay;

//static short int *bits[20];   // one time
//static short int *reg[20];

//source file
DigitalInputs DI;
//for bits
// second time
static short int *bits[20] = {    
    &DI.bits.all, // this way I included all other structures that holds the bits

// for registers
static short int *reg[20] = {

int main():w!

  return 0;

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