Hi all,

I am programing in C and i just came across a problem with the pointer to array. I am tring to do a system that has structures like Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs exc... All structures have the same charateristics ...

typedef union
         unsigned bs:1;
         unsigned bc:1;
         unsigned ba:1;
         unsigned ac:1;
    shor int all;

typedef sruct
   DI_Bits   bits;
   UINT16 alm_timer;
   UINT16 delay_time;
   UINT16 sim_delay;
Since this are separate structures I put bits in an array that holds just bits and "register" in an array that holds just registers.

// header file
static short int *bits[20];
static short int *reg[20];
Then i made an object to DigitalInputs structure and ...
//source file
DigitalInputs DI;
//for bits
static short int *bits = {
    &DI.bits.all, // this way I included all other structures that holds the bits
// for registers
static short int *bits = {
When I try to compile this with Dev-Cpp, it says that an redelaration occured, while on the Freescale CW just compile this without any problem.
So i am wantering what I did wrong. Since I want to test this with Dev-Cpp before uploading the software on the microchip I am cindly aking you guys for some help.

Thanks and
Best Regards,