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Okay i very much understand. But seriously i havent got any idea on how to kickstart it.
All i know is: - i need to scale down the histogram.

Hmm, thanks for ur explaination but i figured out something. The result is my histogram seems to be in scale AND it is consistent to any image (but sizes 512*512 and 256*256). I got what u mean but the thing is i dont really know an exactl algorith to start with. I looked over the internet and surprisingly there isnt anyone who is doing/did what i'm doing. Can u pls help me to check if what im doing is correct? i will post the thumbnails here. One will be the usual MRI scan image and the other is a random tile of only black and white colours.

Here is what i did:

pDC->LineTo(601+i, (398-(0.742*array1[i]*398/highest))-1);

the bold is a constant or some say; the scale factor and the one in italic is to show the normalized value.
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I can't check if what you're doing is correct because, and read this carefully, repeatedly until you get it if necessary:

>>> I don't know what your definition of CORRECT is <<<

Without that information I really cannot help you. What do you think they SHOULD look like? You seem convinced that they are wrong, but despite me asking 1000000 times you STILL won't quantify (i.e. describe in specific/measurable terms) exactly what is wrong with the histograms. All you keep doing is posting stuff, declaring it to be wrong, asking me to help you fix it, but not telling me what is wrong!

FWIW they both look correct to me. I haven't counted the pixels, obviously, but there is much less black than white in the tiles and the black line on the histogram is shorter than the white. And as I've already shown your other histogram looks exactly the same as the histogram drawn up by PSP.
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Alright thanks. I think i will just start of with the histogram equalization section right now. Thanks for ur help once again