Hi everyone.. raza here..
i m a new user of Go4Expert...
well im a studentof b.cs.. i have some problems in C language..
pls help me out... i'll be very thankful to you all..

here are the problems..

problem no.1:

what is the code of a possible C function of following prototype to calculate the factorial, of a given integer n.
int Factorial (int n)

prob no 2:

What are all possible outputs of the following code fragment?
void f(int a, int b)
printf("%d %d\n", a, b);

void main(void)
int i = 5;
f(++i , ++i );

problem no 3:

Using following C structure

struct Student{
char[20] Name;
char[20] FName;
int Class;

What is a C function which will open file in Write Mode and append this structure in the end of the file (It should return 0 on success and -1 on error).
int WriteStudentRec(Student * StdRec, char* filename)

i will wait for ur answers.. thanks in advance..
Raza Elahi