I have a client who I simply don't have the time for any more.

I wrote his website in PHP and it's worked fine for over 6 years now.

I've told him to find someone else, but upon telling him I want him to find someone else:

1) he's only found one other guy, works in .net, wants to rewrite the whole website in .net because "nobody uses PHP any more", "PHP isn't secure", and it will take a month... I'd like to get this done before then...

I have searched and searched, but I simply can't find any statistics as to how many websites use PHP versus ASP/.Net/etc. so I can tell my client. "You should be able to find someone who does PHP because x% of websites use is (or x number use it)..." PS: I already tried google.

2) Outside of the Yellow pages, HOW would he find someone in his area (I'm in Philly, he's in LA) who does PHP that isn't a 14 year old kid with a web hosting template?

My backstory, FYI, this guy was like my first client, still is on my "introductory rate" (ie: FREE) and calls me every time he has any little problem. I simply want to get rid of him. I don't want to start charging because I simply don't want him to be my client.