PERL resources

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Perl distributions
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
ActiveState Perl - ActivePerl for Linux, Solaris, and Windows
MacPerl - Mac OS port of Perl (Mac OS X already comes with Perl)

Perl documentation
Perldoc - Perl documentation
Perl FAQs

Perl modules
CPAN's search feature for Perl modules
ActivePerl PPM Packages - get PPM packages for ActivePerl

Perl developer communities
O'Reilly's Perl resource
Perl Monks
Perl Mongers

Perl tutorials, articles
Devshed - Devshed's Perl articles
Beginning Perl tutorials
WebKnowHow.Net tutorial
Advanced Perl Programming Tutorials
Perl articles for Linux Mag - by Randal Schwartz
Perl articles for Sysadmin Mag - by Randal Schwartz
Perl articles for WebTechniques - by Randal Schwartz

Perl scripts - the HotScripts of the Perl community

Beyond vanilla Perl
Apache/Perl Integration Project - the mod_perl Apache module
mod_perl reference sheet
FastCGI -Run CGI scripts faster
Embperl - Embed Perl code in HTML
Mason - Perl-based web site development and delivery engine

Usenet groups
comp.lang.perl.announce - Perl-related announcements
comp.lang.perl.modules - discussions on Perl modules - discussions on Perl/Tk
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Very nice resource and so have made the thread sticky.
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Wow thank u very much friend..
ill go through the resources nd then wil get back..
Thanks again..
Thanks shabbir..
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Feel free to PM Me to add some more resources including yours