hello friends i m trying to send emil in perl
using smtp.gawab.com,every thing is ok not error is displayed
but email is not going successfully on reciever account ,
plz can any perl expert help mee i m in big problem plz
mail is going from my computer ,my antivirus detecting it..i m free user on www.gawab.com
i m on windows xp
this is my code
use Net::SMTP; 
print "Content-type:text/html\n\n"; 
my $debug = 1; 
$| = 1; 
#-smtp server name 
my $server = "smtp.gawab.com"; 
#-a new object of the server 
$smtp = Net::SMTP -> new($server,Debug=>1); 
die "Could not connect to the server" unless $smtp; 
#-authorizing entry 
#-from and to 
$smtp->mail("me@gawab.com"); #this is the real "from" address 
$smtp->to("you@gmail.com"); #this is the real "to" address 
#-message send 
$smtp->datasend("To: you@gmail.com\n"); #this is the "to" address displayed in the mail 
$smtp->datasend("From: me@gawab.com\n"); #this is the "from" address displayed in the mail 
$smtp->datasend("Subject: Mail Test\n"); 
$smtp->datasend("This is mail test number : NET-SMTP-E-PL-ROCHESU-005\n"); 
#-quit connection to server 
plz sir help me plz

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