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Yeah, but how would I get her to download it? I know that I could send her a keylogger, but she's not just going to download something w/o knowing what it is. Is there any way that I can embed it in an image or a video clip or something like that? That was my first idea, but I couldn't find anything that would embed it in another file... at least not for free.
Well first understand that even if you bind it with anything (.jpg,wmv,gif ect) the outcome file will be a .exe file.
If i was you,get a remote install keylogger,crypt it,bind it with another file,and change the icon.Now,put it inside a .zip or .rar file,and she will only see the icon with the name you gave it.
Ex. Keylogger(go thru the settings like email to get logs)
crypter (this make your keylogger undetected to her a/virus
binder(bind the cripted keylogger with a file you want her to see when she opens it.
Goggle is your friend. I could try to help you,but she won't open anything coming from me..lol