Hey, I realize I'm a noob here, but please do not dismiss me because of my inexperience on this site. I've got plenty of experience using all kinds of languages such as C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML, VBS etc... However, I haven't ever done anything other than just what my job requires. i.e. no Hacking/Cracking sort of stuff.

So, since I have no experience in this, I'm willing to offer $$ to anybody who can get me a password to an AOL email account. I know that I could go in and change the password using the "forgot your password" feature because I do know all the answers to the security question, but I don't want to change it, I don't want to raise any suspicion. I have also seen sites that offer to do this kind of work for anywhere from $100 - $300, but I don't have that kind of a budget for this task.

Also, I know that I could use a keylogger, but I don't have access to the computer that the person uses to log into this email account. If there is some way to secretly install a keylogger, I'd be all for that, but I haven't been able to find a way to do that either.

So, if anybody on here can do it, please PM me and we can negotiate a price...

Or if anybody can point me to something that would tell me how to go about doing it, that would be great too.

Thanks a lot!!!