Don't I still need a MySQL-username and password for phphMyAdmin? I mean "root" and something? In the MySQL-part of the printout from phpinfo it says "no value" on host, password, port, socket and user so I think MySQL itself haven't been configured.

I got phpMyAdmin to work I think (with lots of warnings), I follwed the instructions and placed the files for the web server to find and I could get into the configure file with phpMyAdmin/setup. However I had to enter a password there as well, wouldn't that be the password you set when you confiure MySQL?

It seems too insecure to be able to set that password by simply typing /setup in someone's URL, but I tried whatever for password and tried to login with it from /phpMyAdmin but it wasn't right.

I've also read a couple of tutorials for phpMyAdmin and they seem to say you'll use your root/password for MySQL in the config-files, still I'm hoping I'm wrong. It'll save me some trouble