Yes, thank you I understand much better what I'm working with now

The part about MySQL shown with phphinfo() seems to be installed, it shows a version and where to find socket-, include- and lib-files however the username and passwords are all blank so I don't think it've been configured properly.

The thing now is that I don't see the config-files or any files in FileZilla (FTP client, the server isn't mine) apart from the web-pages. I get quite a few tutorials with my searches but they all explain how to install everything from scratch on your own machine. I can see configure commands at the top of phpinfo but they seem to be arguments to where to find the config-files, and I sitll can't see them.

I can't find an answer to this so I'll ask, can I change the config-files (like the MySQL-config) with FileZilla? Should they be seen in the directory tree? Or do I have to contact the admin and let him go through the MySQL-configuration again and set a username and password? I've checked the options to show hidden files but they don't seem to be there, also trying to reach for example /var/mysql says "no such directory or file", so they really don't seem to be there.

I don't really think I should be able to get to the /var/mysql-folder, FileZilla doesn't give me access to his machine, only the Apache web server which only makes the web-pages available. Then through FileZilla I can change what files it makes available, however I'm hoping I'm wrong

Also to add a little answer to my first post: I was also thinking about a program like SQLyog to remotly create tables and such to the database. I still need the username/password for it to work though