I'm begining to work on a project and this is the part I love when I can't make effective Google-queries because I haven't got all the buzzwords down

Some years ago I did little project for a course with mainly JSP, SQL and Resin to act as a web-server. I configured Resin to connect the database to the web-pages. I had to place some sql- and jsp-packages for Resin to find aswell and everything worked.

This time I've decided to work with PHP, SQL and it's all supose to be on a FTP server. I found FileZilla which had got a lot of good comments and I've been able to contact and upload files to the FTP server.

I'm not really sure where I am now I think I need to know how to configure a FTP Server to work like Resin did for me and make it connect the database to the web-pages. It also need to find a PHP- and SQL-package. I've Googled for combinations of PHP, SQL, FTP, FileZilla and install/configure etc. but I can't really find anything interesting so it makes me think I'm missing some words.