"i am using wampserver with php version 5.3.0 i am getting this error in my php.

Parse error: parse error in C:\wamp\www\contactform.php on line 16

and i cant figure out what is wrong with my scripting.

the code is...


$to = "hiddenmirageads@gmail.com";
$subject = "New Special Effects";

$body = "New Form Request!
Nickname: ".$_POST['username']."
Email: ".$_POST['Email']."
Description of effect: ".$_POST['Describe']."
Provide Footage: ".$_POST['footage']."
Length of video to edit: ".$_POST['Timeofvideo']."
Price range: ".$_POST['checkbox']."
Time range: ".$_POST['Time']."
Paypal: ".$_POST['Paypal'].""



line 16 is the mail line. someone please tell me what is going wrong."