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ah,so you want to count 5,10,or whatever the value coins
i don't get you want to count real coins by scanning with some machine ? i guess so ..
if you want to print anything you need save that text you want to print in txt file by commands fopen (opens a txt file, wich is in your case empty),fwrite (writes in that file text), then fclose (closes file,saves what you've written there),
so the remaining thing to do is to print that txt file. i don't remember wich commands are used for that
The hopper will count the coins. It looks for a 0v or +5v pulse to count out the coins. I want my programs output to pulse either 0v or +5v via the parallel port. Whatever signal comes from the parallel port i can alter to suit my hopper input. I just need to see how the code would work in the "output" bit i have marked in my code.

I didn't want to print anything, i just used printf as an example for the output in the compiled program