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Help me out her i m new to C
i have made one program and i m not getting its output... can anybody tell me how to get it's output..herew is the sorce code

void main()
int i=0;
char ch[25],c;
printf("enter ur name n press 0 to exit");
in this program i want to ask the user his/her name and enter each character the name one by one and after entering the name end the program as i have done in this program.in this program,i have used 0 to end it...problem i m getting is that everything is fine--its compiling and when i enter any character it doesnot enter anything and when i press 0 to end it,it ends,,,so tell me how i can get its output...or is ther any other way to do this .
plz suggest
Regards Karun

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