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This is my first post to the forum, itís very informative and enjoyable really.

Iím curious about Orkut and I wonder what you people think. As you know Orkut is social networking site operated by Google. Itís less popular than Facebook or Myspace and Twitter. Thereís a chance that they can become more popular than Facebook? What do you think?
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It does what facebook has done. I guess it still lacks the creativity of Google
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Also, it is loosing the popularity what it had before.
Nowadays many of the users are switching from Orkut to Facebook.
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It was one of my most visited site in the past. But due to google's greedyness of earning out of everything disappointed me. U can see advertisements all over the places now. Even i have a project on orkut which has the VERY FIRST google ranking which is widely known as "Orkutrix.com". But i hardly check my orkut Once in a month now.
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yeah now a days i am on facebook for most of the time , orkut should be changed and should come in a new avatar ...
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I think Facebook & Twitter is very popular now. I also be on more time with facebook.