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Hey guys, wondering if any of you have any plans to buy/deloy the new Oracle Exalogic Server and Exadata server, and what do you think about it.
No Way on Exalogic

1) We have WebSphere and left WebLogic years ago
2) Oracle has insane pricing and maintenance fees
3) The software bill on an Exalogic rack with 360 cores is over $18Million! just for the WebLogic suite and Cache Coherency software
4) We used the 47% price increase last year to quadruple our ROI in the move to WebSphere

1) The compression software looks interesting for a BI appliance, but we already have Sybase IQ
2) Again the pricing is insane on two socket systems with RAC
3) We already pay too much to Oracle and just had to true-up after their lovely audit