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I am 27th Anyway what do you think about recent updates of Google? Are they fair? I don't think so …
The webmaster's you have gained traffic would say it is fair and those who lost traffic would say it is unfair but you have to understand from the perspective of users.

This Panda update was about removing the duplicate content that were ranking and I think this is what should happen because people writing original content should be rewarded with traffic and so I don't think there is any issues with the concept.

How Google implemented is probably the best they could do interest of their members and customers and so I don't think there is any issues. Yes I would agree that some genuine sites were even punished like Daniweb and Google has also taken steps to get those issues rectified and so I think this is all could be done and so we have to live with it.

So in my opinion I think I would not click the like of that page despite the fact that some of my sites has lost traffic as well.