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Are you trying to implement it in the compiler or what? What you are referring to Metrics is somewhat related to Virtual Memory.
A program would run the enviornment for this yes. At the end think of it as a replacement for the desktop and rather than interacting with 'shortcuts' and 'programs'... you are actually interacting with objects. A 'shortcut' or a 'program' would simply be another object.

Metrics are information universal only to objects. Like.. a name. When an object is created you give it a name.. but that name has nothing to do with any of the methods or properties that reside in that object.. its simply a moniker that the process that created it uses to refer to it by. Another would be access control. Who has access to this object and the rights to use it? Basically all stuff that the enviornment looks at when dealing with the objects and having nothing at all to do with what the object actually is(thats in the definitions/raw data).

I basically want objects to become independent of programs. Right now we have a situation where programs create and manipulate objects. The objects live for only the time that the program is active. What i'm looking for is objects that exist outside of any particular program, whose procedures can be called remotely, and do not die until their destructor is called. I also want these objects moveable and usable transparently across networks.