My school's library has a room full of computers. They have the operating system Windows XP, and a Novell Login Client. Our usernames are our School ID numbers, and our last name is the password. We all have different accounts, and have a storage server for our files. There is also a main storage server called Volume1, and is write-protected, or whatever that means. You just can't copy any file into it. Also, in the Start Menu, you can't access RUN, or access Comman Prompt. You also can't right click any of the icons in the start menu. You can't create a shutdown shortcut either. In My Computer, all you can access is the CD drive, Floppy drive, your network drive, and the Volume1 server. You can't go to C drive. All it says it "Acess is denied" Is there a way, as a limited user, like I am, to hack the Novell Login client, and find out any people's ID's and passwords, or even the administrator's password? Also, websites are blocked by a Lightspeed system prgm. Is there a way to bypass that since all proxy sites are blocked too?