I should probably just google this question but im in no hurry, would SSH require my windows account be logged in? I've messed around with putty and such before but it didn't really work out.

I probably should've posted this before but the netware uses Zenworks v5.6. Something about this has interested me.


I can log in through novell with my sisters old account because they are on the same tree (the whole district is on one server). The context my school uses is highland.k12.slcsd. The context I login with is clayton.k8.slcsd. My school uses the server 708-FS1 while clayton uses 408-FS1. When I look at the Novell Connections info it says I have connections to both. I probably should have tried setting 708 as primary before because 408 is primary by default. (I haven't had the chance to try this yet) Also, when bypassing the log in and checking the novell connections there are of course no servers listed.

Two days ago someone crashed lightspeed systems...it was completely gone. Today it came back but now people who bypass login can connect to the internet. I'm sure this won't last long so I'd like suggestions now.

Before lightspeed crashed I had done an ipconfig /all and found both the Windows IP Configuration and the NIC had the Primary DNS Suffix set as the school's context "highland.k12.slcsd.net" and the DHCP was Yes. After the crash I ran it again and both the DNS fields were blank and DHCP was set to no. Could this have something to do with the firewall being able to block out unauthenticated/out of context users?

I've gone into the Control Panel's IP settings and looked at the DNS settings, I can't remember what they were but I tried to set it to manual and type in the context as the DNS suffix with the ipconfigs DNS's listed. I did this before the crash and it didn't work but I probably did it wrong. After they repair everything with the blocks in place could I try setting the DNS suffix as clayton.k8.slcsd.net or would there be conflict like it not working with the two DNS IP's listed? Being in a different school I don't see how this could work because they use two different servers 408 and 708. If this has to do with DHCP and DNS could someone tell me how to set it so that lightspeed would permit connection?

If it isn't either of the above could Lightspeed have a feature that allows it to transport or have copied into it the verification of all the accounts and deny access to someone not on an account? How could it do this?

How does Novell login work? Does logging into novell rather than bypassing mean the computer has been assigned an extra value or had a setting changed? Because without the novell login and without lightspeed I'm still connected to the server with internet (the gateway is the same address as what's typed into the server field of the login screen). It's just this internet is now regulated with a firewall that somehow knows which computers haven't been authenticated.

Finally, like I said before I have access to the command prompt and information on the districts server. After I've logged in on my sister's account I can go to the server's drive letter (h:) and type "cx ." a couple of time to go up a couple directories. When I reach .slcsd I type in "cx highland.k12". Does CX mean my computer has actually changed context or am I just using the prompt like a browser to view information? In anycase I also know the commands Nlist.exe and Map. I don't know how to use map though or know if it even has any use.

Is there a way I could actually change my context while I'm logged on without needing a new account?