Well, my account was disabled. I guess I was caught on a proxy, use them to read manga and such during teacher aide periods. I can get on the computer just fine bypassing the login screen but from there Lightspeed blocks EVERY webpage except the schools website. I get on by typing in a fake username, hitting the advanced tab, and deleting the context. I can also get onto the network genuinely by using my sisters middle school username and login (I correctly guessed her password) but again no internet. Because she is in a different school it is a different context.

Two years ago we could access the internet just fine by bypassing the login, we did this because it gave us computer administrative rights (still does) but last year they prevented us from gaining internet access. Maybe they upgraded their netware?

I've checked and compared the IP information from both an authenticated account and a login bypass, they are the same. Somehow the admin wised up and figured out how to have lightspeed block all internet traffic outside the school's context.

I know how to access the command prompt, both authenticated and unauthenticated, and I can bring in any program on a flash drive.

1. Could I somehow bypass lightspeed systems? (Remember I cannot reach a proxy site and I hear JAP is slow)
2. Could I log on borrowing someone else's account (one time thing) and use some tool to gain admin rights and either A. Re-enable my old account or B. Create myself a new one?

I really do not mind not having an account so much because I can save all my files to a flash drive, but I need internet access (at a reasonable speed) to kill time during aide periods and do in school assignments that require research. To have the system re-enable my account I need to go through the principal and they have a no tolerance policy with proxies plus who knows how long it'll take.

Also, I can navigate DOS fairly well. I've already been through the network files on the H: drive and used such commands as nlist.exe to view the systems information.