I have a question, basically the situation is this.

I play an online game called OGAME, been playing for a year and recently have been banned for account sharing, this confused me as I havent to my knowledge been account sharing so I asked for evidence which came in the form of logon times giving two different cities (plymouth and Peterborough) within 30 minutes of one another at times, when I checked the times I realised that they would have been lunchtime at work (but I work in Plymouth).

So my question is this - would it be possible to logon to the work network in plymouth but the game operators are seeing an ip address in Peterborough? I have no idea of how these things work, it seems unlikley but I can see no other reason for the data i have been shown.

The Go doesnt think its possible but for my own sanity I want to know if it is.

Thanks in advance.