hello I am in need of a little bit of guidance. My goal of posting this isn't for someone to blatantly tell me how to do this but instead to simply point me in the right direction.

(windows xp sp2) so my goal is to access (intrude) onto my own network from an outside (or an already networked computer) source to view the directory of one of my computers. okay so i know i need to find the ip for that computer, so here is where i have come to a few questions. even while i have the ip how do i view the directory of another computer? is this possible through ms-dos or will i need additional programs? if it would be simpler to just try and access another computers dir while i am already on the net work let me know.

any information will be appreciated, especially if you give me some key terms to research. because what i have come to understand about hacking (even though i am still quite the noob) is that the only way to actually progress is to figure things out yourself...so just a nudge in the right direction is good haha