after all i have searched, i would say no it doesnt exist, simply for the reason i understood,
whole idea of prime is to factorize every number into its prime, if we have -ve primes, the concept of having prime itself will fall, as then there is no unique factorization....

read this "negatives are not considered prime because if they were, the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic (unique factorization into primes) would no longer be true. If -2 were prime, for example, we could 'prime factorize' 4 in two different ways: as 2^2 and as (-2)^2. If only positive numbers are considered prime, then every positive integer larger than 1 has one and only one prime factorization.

It is because the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic is truly fundamental to all of Number Theory that only positive numbers are considered prime."

Defintion of prime (wiki) :-
The fundamental theorem of arithmetic establishes the central role of primes in number theory: any nonzero natural number n can be factored into primes, written as a product of primes or powers of primes. Moreover, this factorization is unique except for a possible reordering of the factors.

Hence, we cannot have -ve prime numbers...