Well i didnt know where to post it i hope here its good because i have some several questions.

I want to install proxy on some computer \ server - any idea how can i do that?
I had some file called "Dated.exe" that i could define a proxy (ip = computer ip, port = port that i define).
Anyone have that file or anything else that he offers to do?

How can i secure a terminal that ill be the only one with the access to it?

if im in a computer CMD and i run the FTP command - how can i upload files from my computer to the target, what are the command? when i did "?" got litle bit confused.

And now about serv-u, how can i define that the server will be with my password\user name.
In other words how can i define perfhc009.dat ?

And please please try to help me and dont send me to Google believe me i tried to find the answers (Maybe im not searching so good :|)
Thanks a lot people and i really want to say its one of the best fourms