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As i stated, i failed to provide the 'matching' accounts of what's been needed to "retrieve" the account. meaning=i didn't have any proof that the account is mine. so i thought anyone can help. It's also devastates me, that at the profile, it's almost "empty" too, coz i 2006 -i just only logged in just couples of times, nothing more - no recent activity; nothing. the administrator done what they've done, they cant give me the account. the year is 2006, and i've been using like.. many many accounts eversince. it's such devastating coz i really like that account (sentimental value), I thought someone here could help ... but if can't (as u had stated - no luck!!).. hmm what else choice did i have
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sometimes is better start fresh. Advice...... keep visiting the forum. It will help you to understand about diff things. Shabbir (Admin) is a great person as the majority of the members.
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Does someone interested in illegal stuff? cause i have a job for good hacker. I really need someone to change some data in big database which only needed for me or used by me. im desperate because of some stupid teacher i lost my money, time, my mom's trust in me. Please some help me my email is munkhhair@ gmail. com
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hi shabir can u run a rat server with a link i mean when a victim click the link so the rat server get runn in his pc...
answer must