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Your query inputs the values before they are multiplied in the database, move the code that multiples the qty code before the query to insert them in the database so that the desired values are entered in the database.
I try what you said:

PHP Code:
 $cloth_type $_POST["cloth_type"];
$cloth_type == 'AAA' || $cloth_type == 'BBB' || $cloth_type == 'CCC') {
$input_qty $input_qty 14.15;
$output_qty $output_qty 14.15;
$input_qty $input_qty 15.85;
$output_qty $output_qty 15.85;
$query "SELECT t.operation_name FROM clt_traceability t, clt_transact c WHERE c.cloth_type = '" .  $cloth_type "' AND t.operation_name IN ('Operation3, Operation4, Operation5 ') AND t.clt_no = c.clt_no";
$result mysql_query($query);
$rexist 0
But still it did not multiply automatically

Thank you