Hello shabbir

Hyperphp is not my personal site, i use thta for my free hosting they are good and Louise asked for my recomend

I think free services have came a long way since the start of the internet, such as free email (gmail/yahoo and many more) free video hosting such as yourtube and other copies, I think free hosting is now a reliable service even if free! The support i get from my free host is better than two paid hosts i have used!

hyperphp.com is part of Byethost who are the biggest free hosts on the net. they are banner free that means no adverts They use a cluster of webserver according to their site and i read about this is good!

I make a small list of features here too all this they give me free, i have three accounts

Bannerless : No adverts
PHP Flags manager
250 MB disk space
Automatic installer (29 scripts)
6 GB Monthly transfer
FTP account
3 MySQL databases
File manager (browser upload)
5 Add-on domains
Php MyAdmin
5 Sub domains
Password protected folders
POP email accounts
Web mail

I am very satisfied with this free host and think yous who say free hosting is not reliable you should try the lastest hosters! i say you use hyperphp.com !