Hi Everyone,

I would like to build a website(it is already 50% done) where artist can upload there music and sell them to the public, at the moment I am struggling with which method I should use to play the mp3s.
I thought about playing half the files in normal 128Kbit/s using a flash player but bandwidth wise...it is not too good.
I have been on other website and noticed that when the artist upload his music there is an encoding process taking place, each files uploaded at 128 or 256 Kbit/s are lowered to 64Kbit/s, Do you know a good software(doesn't matter if i have to pay a lot of money for it) that would handle many users uploading songs at once and would encode the lot?

Also I would like to know if anyone of you knows how to create a web based radio using my artist songs, I cannot find any good software for Linux.
The most important is the encoding, I haven't got a clue!

Thank you so much for your help!,