MMORPG hacking

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Hi there , I'm new on this forum ^^
There's only 1 question I want you guys to ask
Is it possible to hack an MMORPG game? Btw I did and managed to Bypass it and nullify the security of the Xtrap. I really dunno how to create a hack but my friend suggested to start testing with CE so I did and scanned every possible things like: HP,MP,ATK,DEFF,EXP,LVL,GOLD but none of them is permanent and I only need to hack one of those following things.
Would you mind telling me how can I hack it? Or maybe would you please help me with that?
Thanks in advance ^_^
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Most MMORPG games store information server side. Therefore you will most likely not be able to create a hack for those features. You would have to find the static address and be able to write to that address+offset with the correct values. Read up on memory scanning, static addresses.
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