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Mate I It should work I have submitted it for my 12th project remeber.Did you copy it indefault c++ folder or try this please put .dat files in the place where tc.exe is located.It is only a error caused due to missing files......and it if you press right it goes of because I use getch().It is another drawback....Please try changing the dat files location.Or do this Executte the program and come out and check in all your tc folders.You will find in some folder in tc where you will find cars.dat,cricket.dat,level1.dat etc with file size 0 KB this where you have to copy the dat files
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Ah! Ok the problem is that all the files should be in tc folder (only the cpp and dat files). Before they were inside a folder so some problem was there, but no errors.
Game is good, i personally not fond of hangman but i loved you speed spell... It has few problems, like sometimes for 1-2 seconds whenever checking wether it exists or not it would go black and come back again (don't know why).. Also some words were not found (but thats ok)

Overall its a very nice game, i haven't seen the code. But i enjoyed the game - Speedspell. It was fun playing the game, i got engrossed in it...

Post more, i would love to learn some game programming too ..