Subject says it all.

1. What is the base class for MFC Framework ?
2. If i derive a new class from CObject what are the basic features my derived wil get ?
3. What is the use of CCmdTarget ?
4. What is document-view architecture ? Give me one real time example for SDI ?
5. Can you explaing the relashionship between document,frame and view ?
6. How to access document object from view ?
5. What is the entry point for window based applications ?
6. Explain the flow for a simple win32 based application ?
7. How to handle command line arguements from simple MFC application ?
8. What is model and modeless dialog box ? Give some examples?
9. How to create open & save dialogs ?
10.What is CSingleDocTemplate?
11.What is the difference between hinsrtance and hprevinstance in WinMain function?
12.Explaing about MDI and CMultiDocTemplate ?
13.Tell me the different controls in MFC ?
14. What is the use of OninitDialog ?
15. What is the use of UpdateData funciton ?
16.What is the difference between GetMessage and PeekMessage ?
17.How to update all the views whenver document got updated ?
18.How to handle RTTI in MFC ?
19.What is serialization ?which function is responsible for serializing data ?
20.What is CArchive class dowes?
21.What is thread & process?
22.Explain about different kinds of threads in MFC?
23.Tell me about different kinds of synchranization objects ?
24.what is the use of Mutex and critical section ?
25.What is socket?
26.What is the difference between Synchronous sockets and asynchronous sockets?
27.Have you ever used win32 APIs ?
28.What is the difference between ANSI Code and UNICODE ?
29.What is the difference between regular dlls and extended dlls?
30.what is the use of AFX_MANAGE_STATE ?
31. What’s the difference between PostMessage and SendMessage?
32. Describe the Document/View architecture.
33. What’s the difference between Modal and Modeless Dialog?
34. How to create a Modeless Dialog?
35. How to setup a timer?
36. Name the Synchronization objects.
37. What is a critical section and how is it implemented?
38. What is CMutex?
39. Given two processes, how can they share memory?
38. What is a message map, and what is the advantage of a message map over virtual functions?
40. What is the difference between ASSERT and VERIFY?
41. Why wizards generate enum IDD for dialogs? [Added by Shabbir]

I will be answering them slowly to each of them. If anyone else interested can do the same. It will be a very good resource thread for the beginer.

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