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hi.. Chek this out.
and one more thing is Net send is no longer supported in Vista/Longhorn versions. So better use the above link
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or try this & tell me if it works.
MSG {username | sessionname | sessionid | @filename | *}
[/SERVER: servername] [/TIME: seconds] [/V] [/W] [message]

username Identifies the specified username.
sessionname The name of the session.
sessionid he ID of the session.
@filename Identifies a file containing a list of usernames,
sessionnames, and sessionids to send the message to.
* Send message to all sessions on specified server.
/SERVER: servername server to contact (default is current).
/TIME: seconds Time delay to wait for receiver to acknowledge msg.
/V Display information about actions being performed.
/W Wait for response from user, useful with /V.
message Message to send. If none specified, prompts for it
or reads from stdin.

Syntax: msg @filename.txt type your message here
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Use a third party LAN messenger maybe a good choice to replace net send command.

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