You'll have to share your code. Also let us know what version of what compiler, and what version of what operating system, you're using. This code proves ptr should equal &num:
void test44()
	unsigned int num=10;
	unsigned int *ptr=#
	printf("%d %d %x %x\n",num,*ptr,&num,ptr);
Output (Visual C++ 2010):
10 10 1af79c 1af79c

So upload a short demo like the one here that shows the problem and include the output showing the different values of &num and ptr. Because ptr should be exactly equal to &num, and if it isn't then as I said before, either your compiler is terminally broken and you should never use it again, or you are looking at the wrong thing.

>>"When i look into ptr"
How exactly? Are you using a debugger?