HI friends,

i just recorded one wav file from micropone..afterthat i need to measure the frequency(not the sampling frequency) and ambitute from wav file.i really tried to work out..but still i coundn't get..i generate the sound from other pc and (i set the frequency 1000 and ambitutd 200) i record that sound thru microphone to my pc by my vb programs.(using directx.7) , even i no need to store as wav file, i just want to measure the frequncy and ampititude of the sound,( i dn't know how to measure the frequncy an dampitute from the sound(sound means i generate the sinw wave..),.here i just store as a wav file , and i try to get frequency and ampititute from the wav..

if anybody knows the method or any formula and any way pls let me know...

i am doing this one in vb6.0 and i am using directx.7 to record the voice..

Thanks in Advance..

With Regards,