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That one wasn't worded correctly either, I guess. Presumably you've tried cout << value; ?
If so how is that not what you want?

But I don't see how "how would you use cout to check a value" can be an explanation for "how do you swap the rows" when an answer to "how do you swap the rows" makes you realise that "how do you swap the rows" isn't what you meant.

I'm confused...
I think I am now becoming confused as well. Let me try again.

Yes I have tried to do cout<<value;

for example.. The program asks how many variables do I want to solve for and I type 2. It is going to then ask me for Row 1 column 1 etc....

If I type in

5 9 = 12
8 7 = 15

Obviously the largest value in the first column is 8.

Since this value is being used as my pivot. The row that the pivot is in, now needs to be interchanged with row 1.

All I wanted to do was use a cout<< statement to make 100% sure that the program is selecting the correct value.

I am just not sure what that "value" needs to be. It's going to be a single value from the first column of the matrix obviously in this case 8, but without a variable actually assigned to that value. How would you use a cout<< statement?

I really hope that made more sense. Sorry for the confusion.