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Can somebody tell me that how can I use MathML on my website.
You've made a good choice by deciding to go with MathML. It sounds like you're new to MathML though, so rather than give a lot of details here, I'll point you to a section of our website that leads you step-by-step through the process: A Math on the Web Publishing Process. (I can't link to the article here, but go to our website and search for it. It's in the Reference section. There's a lot there that has to do with MathType, a commercial product that we sell, but there's a lot there that just deals with MathML too. The section on setting up a "gateway page" should be especially useful for what you're wanting to do.)

I just checked on client side, there is plugin required called MathPlayer.
That's only partially correct. If the person viewing your page is using Internet Explorer, you're correct; he needs MathPlayer. However, there are browsers that are capable of displaying MathML without any additional software. Firefox and Camino both support MathML very well, and Opera supports it somewhat. (Though I wouldn't call Opera's support "native". It's done with CSS, and will look fine for some math, all right for some, and a little off for some.) Safari doesn't support MathML at all.

Isn't there any way that we can just convert the MathML to image and show it to the end-user.?
Yes, there are alternatives. Best thing to do is to do a Google search for "mathml fallback images" (without the quotes), and see what turns up. What this will do is to allow you to use MathML, which will be displayed to readers of your site who are using a compatible browser. For readers who are not using a compatible browser, images will be presented (called "fallback images").