MAnagement Project using VB....

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Hello Everyone,

I want to make Hotel management project just for practice and that can be helpful to me for the next year of BCA. I want to just learn that how to make project, what it should contain, What it requires and all that...
But problem is that I don't know what should do?
How to make a project? What it should contain ?
Can anybody please tell me how I can make Hotel management Project with only using the VB. How many steps to follow ? How many forms-project and all that. and don't know where to start ?

Can anybody please guide me hoe should I do that ?
Reply me as early as possible...
In Anticipation,

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First of all find similar commercial programs to see what they are capable of.
Decide which of these features they have you want to have in your project, and something that you think it would be nice to have that these programs cannot do and make a list of your requirements.

when you finish with this process send your list here for the rest.
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Thanks for your reply...
Mainly there are requirements for
1.What the project is about ? (Whole things in one report)(Here What I have used that also should be explained)
2.How they manage their whole system
4.Billing systems etc....

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1) if its a serious thing do the feasibilities and analysis first
2) plan the structure and algos where necessay (use charts)
3) start coding a documenting

of corse these apllies to a lrage scale application
[btw i've never completed these steps correctly in making mines ]