It isn't that your questions are silly, it's that your attitude is silly. Tutorial material is to give you a view of how to use the language. Reference material is to give you a precise lesson on how to use a specific part of the language. You need to look up malloc and you need to look up calloc. Look at the declarations. Look at the return type and the arguments to see what their types are, and what their values are for. Read the explanatory material concerning them. Read about their gotchas and how they tell you that they failed, when they fail.

It is silly, when you're reading a book, to pop into a forum and ask what a word means. Use the dictionary. It comes in the form of pressing the help key, or typing "man malloc", or typing "malloc" into a Google search bar. Learning to do that is part of being a big boy.

When you have done that, and still can't seem to understand malloc/calloc, or have some problem using them, I will be glad to answer your questions.

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