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Well I have been through many such online affiliate programs and I do not know whether it was my bad luck or if it was my wrong choice of programs but I was unable to receive payments via these programs. Looks to me that there is a serious dearth in these types of programs and thats the reason why not many people have encouraging words to say about the same. Now can you tell me a way with the help of which I can determine a genuine program?
Don't hand on every affiliate programs!

While selecting an affiliate program you need to take many precautions.

Focus first on one affiliate program and work on it with complete concentration so that if it earns a good profit,

Then, go find another promising program and give it your best effort.
The question should not be how many affiliate money you want to earn, but how many "top-paying" affiliate checks can you earn. The answer depends on your determination to succeed and desire to maximize your earning potential. With the right tools, the right actions, and perseverance you can definitely earn a good profit through affiliate marketing.

The best way to earn multiple streams of income is to concentrate at one affiliate program first. Choose a product or service that you can promote passionately. Pick a product in which you have complete trust. The best products and services you wish to promote are those that you use first(if possible). Your prospect buyers can sense to your sincerity whenever you promote a product that you have experienced. This will greatly enhance your credibility as well as your product's marketability and will really encourage your prospect to purchase or avail of the product or service.

Don't take it as your primary job at starting, gradually you can jump to full time by experience and ....Never invest huge amount at first!