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In line no..42 and 48 u hav forgot the '<' while writting the cout
check out for the syntax...
using namespace std;
for less errors..
a very gud programming....
hav a gud day.....
No, not for less errors.
If he is compiling on Turbo C++, he would get even more errors by adding that line.

@ kpsg25690 ::

From your code, I think you use Turbo C++.
If you use Turbo C++, don't add that line.
If you use ANSI C++, you have to make *many* modifications, 'coz your code doesn't conform to it's specifications.

FYI, using namespace std in ANSI C++ allows you to access the members of std namespace directly. It is required because in ANSI C++ the cout, cin and many such commands are inside the std namespace. So, you can either write std.cout / std.cin every time or, you can simply write using namespace std;