Maybe not, but lolzzz's aside (whatever they are, a semicomatose version of a lol?), you're not doing the OP any favours by handing him the answer to the question on a plate. It doesn't help him learn to program; if he's stuck it doesn't determine what he's stuck on and why, and it doesn't give him the explanation and the understanding he needs to progress. Far better to get over the not having a clue where to start at this point, rather than later on down the line in a monitored internet-free environment on a project that really matters to the final grade. The risk of handing in a plagiarised answer at this point are low, ok he'll get 10/10 for the task which may have no impact on the course but if he hands in a plagiarised solution to the final exam, penalties can be severe, from failing the module at least, to being kicked out of the establishment altogether as untrustworthy.